PostHeaderIcon New routes in Okuzini area. Turkish. March 2012

Okuzini. Photo by Vitalyi Krivoshein

In March 2012 Sergei Shaferov did first ascents of several routes in non-popular Turkey area Okuzini. Most difficult of these routes is 8c/c+ "All inclusive".
After February lots of difficult routes in Geyikbari were wet because of long rains. That's why it was necessary to check new areas, particulary in Okuzini.



During his trip Sergei has climbed following routes in Okuzini area:
"Colomania" 8a FLASH Okuzini. Photo by Leonid Mach

Following routes were the projects before:
"French kiss" 8a
"The hood" 8b
No name 7c+/8a
"The additional carabilities of snoud" 8b
"All inclusive" 8c/c+
"Wishlist" 7c+/8a

A couple of words about Okuzini:
Okuzini. Photo by Vitalyi KrivosheinOkuzini is a gorge near Geyikbairi. Lots of climbers were attracted by big grot over there. It's not that much routes over there for the present, only couples of easy ones (5c-6a), basically 7b, but lots of projects for future.

You should walk around 1 hour to reach this area, which is a very good warming-up before climbing.
A wonderful view with valleys and heels opens up from the rocks.
Okuzini will hardly be a very popular and crowded area even in high season because of long distance to reach it and difficult routs (7b mostly).

UPDATE the information from 20/04/2012

After agreeing with the author Jürgen Bormann names routing area changes, which can be viewed in the latest version of the guidebook to the area Okuzini:

The authors plan to complete and develop the area, so long will not be published guidebook for public access.
You can ask questions and get advices on the area Okuzini by Tobias in the camping Josito.

Okuzini. Photo by Leonid Mach   Okuzini. Photo by Vitalyi Krivoshein 


Okuzini route's scheme:`:

Okuzini routes1 Okuzini routes2